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An unknown hiking

2013.03.18 Mon


Day and night, I am not dripping into the only hold eyeful of happiness, in a hurry to backtrack.

After arriving home. I ate three bread. Mother faint and I said what is nothing more than a report prepared for something like. By the way I am. Classmates home okay? I faltered said yes. Perhaps, my mother my heart what all understand.

Who knows, I used to be an escape from the "prospective teachers. Fled when I finally understood that some things must make a choice. Choice, is the need to give up something, to abandon those fetters something. May be material, but more, perhaps, is the heart. The long journey back, I finally get down to graduate with honors in earnest to do a teacher.

Time, and chat with old school teacher, that she had had for some unknown "flee". In her college, fell in love with longtime boyfriend suddenly announced their engagement, and the the engagement girl is not her. She did not say anything, a person, far to the north of the Great Wall. Another person quietly come back, how to how. She said with a smile, and some things are not, force is not necessarily a good thing. Today, her handsome husband, a good son, life's gusto.

My students, their parents quarrel, huff, left home a long journey. The parents angry roar, much of the potential of Buyiburao. I advise them, he'll be back, forgive him, he will be better. In our apprehension, he came back. Parents do not blame him, I did not say anything, just quietly complement a lesson to him. Seems nothing happened. Later, he received the college notice, send E-mail to me: "Thank you for protecting me that unknown hiking."

Really, maybe everyone has this experience, even if the body is not walking heart have had. When hiking an unknown. Rumbling through the youth, it is neither heroic nor publicity, but every teenager has mad state. This can be transformed to a force that is the salvation of their own.